Terms Of Service.

** This is a Gay Nude Site, With Naked Men **

** Please adhere to the strict terms and conditions of this site, failure to do so, WILL result in your membership being deleted, and in some instances Banned.

1. All Members must be over 18, as there are Porn & Sex Photos of Members.

2. All Members must upload a photo of themselves at signup.... failing to do so with be an instant Ban.

3. All members must have at least one fully naked photo including a face image of themselves to comply with nudist policy of this site, and it must be uploaded within 48 hours of registration.

4. Please make certain that your email address is correct in case we need to make contact with you.

5. All member applications will have to be approved by the admin and in some cases this may take some time due to the time differences between countries, also admin have to work for a living and may not be sat at their computer when your application comes thru, so please be patient and wait.

6. All members are required to upload a certification photo of themselves, this must be done in the following way, write on a blank piece of paper your name and the word gaynudebook and the date, hold this at chest height of your full frontal naked body to include head and genitals and take a snapshot, please email this to keithwilson3@gmail.com this must be done within 48 hours of sign up, this is to comply with copyright laws.

7. It is requested that Members do NOT set their profiles to private, we are trying where possible to keep this an open site for all the members to enjoy.

8. If any Members do not adhere to the rules you will be asked to leave the website, or have their membership removed from the site.

9. This is a Male Only Group, any females found to access the group will have their membership removed.

10. We would ask all members to respect the privacy of their fellow members and not to copy or download other members photo's against their wishes, if you wish to do so, please ask the relevant members permission first, if they say no, then please respect that.

11. Please note: if you are not prepared to adhere to these TOS then leave now, anyone found not adhering to the rules, will without warning have their memberships deleted and possibly even their IP address Banned.

12. Any member found with more than 1 profile on their IP address, will be given 24 hours to give a reason why, failure to respond and remove all extra profiles, will result in you IP being banned from this site.

13. By registering on Gaynudebook.com as a private site, you acknowledge that Gaynudebook.com has the right to reject or terminate your account for whatever reason it chooses without having to give you an explanation.

14. By registering on Gaynudebook.com you acknowledge that you are registering on a site where you will encounter sexually explicit images of naked men.

15. You agree that the information you provide in the registration process is truthful and honest, that you will not attempt to mislead other site users and that you agree that any photos you upload solely belong to you and you have all rights to use such photos.

16. You understand that Gaynudebook.com reserves the right to remove any photos, posts or events it judges to be inappropriate for whatever reason and that persistent uploading of such content will result in termination of your account.

17. Should you fail to log in to your account for 120 days you accept that it will be considered abandoned and that Gaynudebook.com will have the right to irrevocably delete it.

18. You understand that your use and browsing of Gaynudebook.com is entirely at your own risk. If you are dissatisfied with the content, functionality or management of the site, or with any of these Terms & Conditions, you understand that your sole and exclusive recourse is to delete your profile and discontinue access and use of the site.

19. You confirm that you are in good sexual health and you agree that you will only engage in safe sexual practices when participating in Gaynudebook.com events. You also agree that if your sexual behavior offends or intimidates any other member(s) in any other way then Gaynudebook.com has the right to immediately eject you from any such event and cancel your membership without notice or consultation. Whilst we wish all our members a fun and pleasant time on this site, please respect that we are here as a Gay Male Nudist Site, not for Voyeurs or anyone wishing to make money from sexual services.

20. Members MUST NOT download photo's from other websites to upload onto this site, this site could be closed down due to copyright laws. Any person found uploading photos from other sites will be given a warning message to remove the photos, failure to do so will result in a membership and IP BAN from this site.

21. Gaynudebook nor any of the administrators for gaynudebook will be held responsible for any photo's that you upload.

All photo's are uploaded entirely at your own risk, they we have added a watermark to the photo's that will be added at upload, to act as a deterrent from others copying them.

22. Any member found to be uploading images of child porn will be immediately removed from this site, if said member makes a new account and continues to try to upload child porn images they will be reported to the police. If you are unsure as to if the image you wish to upload could be classed as child porn, either do not upload it, or send it to my email address so i can make the final decision. keithwilson3@gmail.com

Please respect our wishes, enjoy yourself and stay NAKED !!


The Admin Team

Note:The Terms Of Use can be amended or updated by the Admin at any time.